Friday, 25 January 2008

Vote: Should there be an English parliament?

English Parliament.

Devolution has created a United Kingdom in which Scotland and Wales have national executives while England does not.

The Scottish Parliament has full executive powers independent of the UK in 75% of governance matters. No English MP has any voice at all in such matters as they affect Scotland.

Scottish MPs can both initiate and vote on Acts of Parliament concerning education and the NHS in England.

Constitutionally there are three sorts of people in the island of Great Britain. There are those who are Scottish and British, those who are Welsh and British and those who are just British.

At the moment there is no voice for England in any of the various institutions that help shape EU policy, the conduct of EU business, or the awarding of EU grants.

“There’s a possibility that a Scotsman is going to rule over me. A Scotsman who comes from a constituency where my member of parliament, who I elected, has no say whatsoever.” (Too late Michael, it's happened).

Sir Michael Caine.
Q. Should there be an English parliament?

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(The results are archived by the British Library)


Shades said...

Still "deep cleaning" when I clicked through.

Daily Referendum said...


Probably have to hit refresh.

William Gruff said...

There should be no need to tell you how I voted; I'm sure you can guess.

Anonymous said...

If the English are not allowed a parliament, Civil War will be the only course against the scottish master race!

John M Ward said...

I have gone a stage further in my thoughts, HERE.

With the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland devolved bodies, and nearly all the rest soon to be decided in Brussels anyway, why does Britain still need a full-blown Parliament?

I think it should be reduced and eventually eliminated -- not through my own choice, but because of the so-called Reform Treaty, combined with these devolutionary moves we have had in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Bomb the scotch beggars back to their mountains.

English independence now!

Anonymous said...

Englans has a head of state who is head of state for the whole of the UK and dozens of nations across the UK. Most of of the lords were educated in your country. So how are you lot oppressed. We have all been forced to speak your language by the gun and sword. First scottish pm in 6 decades you act like you as abused as the jews.

Anonymous said...

11:37 Please stay out of politcis you are an evil terrorist get out of this issue before you wreck decents lives.