Friday, 18 January 2008

Police get shafted - If you can strike, you can get fair pay.

The news that police support staff and PCSOs have accepted a 2.5% pay deal today will no doubt further infuriate front line police officers. The reason police staff and PCSOs got a better pay deal than police officers? - Their pay was negotiated by the union Unison. It seems clear that if you have the ability to strike, you stand a better chance of fair pay. No wonder the police federation are balloting members on the ability to take industrial action:

From the Police Federation Website:

Why is the Police Federation voting on whether officers want the right to strike? It is illegal for police officers to take any form of industrial action. For nearly a century that is what has set officers apart from all other workers in the public sector. Many officers have said if the government wish to treat us like all other workers, then perhaps we should have the same employment rights. It was therefore decided that the Police Federation will hold a ballot of the 140,000 members to ask the question –'In the absence of binding arbitration, do you want the Police Federation to lobby for full industrial rights for police officers?’. It is intended that the ballot will take place at the end of February.

The Police Federation are also holding a rally on the 23rd of January 2008. An estimated 15,000 officers are thought to be taking part in a one hour march from Park Lane to the Home office where petitions will be handed in by one representative from every force in England and Wales. I wish them good luck and hope that the media give this rally the publicity it deserves. If Jacqui Smith was hoping this was going die down, then I think she is very mistaken.

I've said many times before that this government have been in power far too long and they now believe that they can do anything they please. I hope the police federation are just the first group to show Gordon Brown and his government that they cannot ride rough shod over the people.

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Tony said...

And when the police are not getting treated in such a shabby fashion by the government, they are being slated by ill-informed commentators in the media playing to the gallery. Analysis/fisk on the Waendel Journal if you are interested.