Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Sun's Ipsos Mori poll puts David's Conservatives ten points clear of Gordon's Government.

I'm not sure but does The Sun's political editor GEORGE PASCOE-WATSON lean a little to the left? George points out that Gordon Brown enjoys a four point lead over David Cameron as "most capable PM" in the paper's recently (January 9 and 10, 2008) commissioned Ipsos Mori poll. He also points out that Brown has an 18 per cent lead on handling a crisis best and is six points ahead on understanding problems facing Britain.

It's not until you get past the headline (Brown is still the top man (just)) of George's article that you discover that the Conservatives have extended their lead to 42% - ten points clear of Labour. The LibDems under Nick Clegg are dragging arse on 15%. I know The Sun and Murdoch are supposedly warming towards David Cameron, but the tone of George's article does not support that theory.

This is not the 2008 start Gordon Brown wished for. Long may it deteriorate.

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