Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Climate change part 22: Turning off street lights.

A nearby council (Romsey) has come up with the fantastic idea of turning off the street lights after midnight to save the planet from global warming. The cretin of a councillor who came up with stupidity claims that if the lights are not being used - then why have them on? Let's put it this way: It took years and a whole lot of money to get those lights fitted. They were fitted for road and personal safety.

When will this idiot of a councillor realise that he is talking out of his backside? How many car accidents, rapes and assaults will it take to end this stupid trial? Were the residents asked about this? - I doubt it. Just like our government, local councils think they can do anything they like and sod the people who are paying their wages.

If I was a resident of Romsey I would be demanding the lights to be left on. After all, they are paying for them.

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Anonymous said...

That is a shocker! Street lighting is important for motorists in urban areas as well as people making their way home. I seriously hope this doesn't cause any accidents.

Pablo the Scot said...

Does this councillor have a police escort when he walks around? After 3 months of vandals and hooligans running riot in this area, he is going to need one when he visits!

Robin said...

In the book of Heroic Failures there was a council that tried this, and ended up paying more for disconnection and reconnection fees.

Daily Referendum said...

Robin I read that some areas scrapped plans to do this when they realised it would cost £100 per lamp post to add a timer.

Daily Referendum said...


The clown probably doesn't go out at night.

Daily Referendum said...


The police have already argued against these proposals. Doesn't stop the idiot councillors doing it though.