Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Celebrating Valentine's Day is a sin in Saudi Arabia.

Apparently religious police visited florist shops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to warn them against selling any romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day because it was regarded as un-Islamic. One florist in the Saudi capital said: “Sometimes we deliver the bouquets in the middle of the night or early morning, to avoid suspicion.” Shops have removed all red items on display to avoid breaking the ban.

One of the nation’s leading Islamic scholars, Sheikh Khaled Al-Dossari, said anyone celebrating the day would be committing a sin: “As Muslims we shouldn't celebrate a non-Muslim celebration - especially this one that encourages immoral relations between unmarried men and women.”

Do you think I could use the "It's a sin" excuse if I forget to get my wife a gift?


Travis Bickle said...

How interesting, and surprisingly refreshing, that they don't feel the need to change their customs and beliefs to avoid causing risk to other religions. Perhaps we could learn something here.

Anonymous said...

Warning ...Valentine was beheaded ...then again, you'd have thought that would have made him popular with Muslims. They could at least send a dozen flower stalks to the missus ...the miserable lot

tapestry said...

these guys know what they're doing.must make illicit sex ten times as exciting.

Anonymous said...

Surely you'd have to keep the orgasmic noises down a bit though?

Pablo the Scot said...

I lived out there for 3 years. At this time of year lots of shops would be brimming over with Valentines Day merchandise. Then the day before, the religous police would appear and start issuing threats. It happens every year. No compromise with other religions or cultures in Saudi; its my way or Chop Chop Square there.

Pity our own government doesn't declare a policy of reciprocation - we will treat all Muslims exactly as Saudi Arabia (the home of Islam) treats non-muslims.

Daily Referendum said...

Why should we not expect people who want to become British to respect British values? When we go to foriegn countries we respect their customs and don't complain. Afterall it's their country.

Daily Referendum said...

Tapestry, good point. Nothing like adding a bit of danger to spice things up.

Daily Referendum said...


Imagine if you got your head chopped off and it turned out she was faking it.

Anonymous said...

Well ...as long as it's only the head!

USpace said...

Good one, these Saudi Rulers are actually very insecure about the attractiveness of their 'religion'.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw Valentine's Day

confiscate ALL red roses
keep men and women apart

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
arrest men and women

if they are holding hands
or having coffee together

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
Valentine's Day is evil

it just reminds the people
about Christianity


Anonymous said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
The cosmos and St. Valentines Day
Have the ethereal quality of a spiders web
Which leads to many flies undoings

So give her one for me.

I've got two mates ...yes I have ...one's cancelled the boys night out because of Valentine's ...the other is taking her out for a curry afterwards ...guess which one is poking one of the secretaries at work?