Monday, 18 February 2008

Iain Dale's vote of No Confidence in Gordon Brown.

Iain Dale is urging David Cameron to Table a No Confidence Vote in Gordon Brown. There are quite a few arguing for and against such action in Iain's comment section. I'm going with Iain 100% by saying that there is a damn good reason that now is the time. Forget Northern Rock, forget dodgy donations, forget lost personal data, forget I.D Cards, forget the Lisbon treaty, forget that Labour are behind in polls and forget that those same polls show the public have lost confidence in the Brown/Darling partnership to run the economy. In my opinion the outstanding reason for Cameron to table a No Confidence Vote is: question dodging.

I know all politicians dodge questions. They dodge questions about how things have gone wrong or things the have failed to do. What a politician should never have to do is dodge a question about his or her party's own policy. On that, a politician should be able to give honest answers to honest questions. A politician should feel comfortable defending their party's stance on the important issues. This Labour government can no longer do that. Even Gordon Brown is so ashamed of his policies that he cannot defend them in PMQs. When did Brown last give a straight answer to a question put to him in Prime Minister's questions? A couple of recent examples are: Cameron "Are you going to scrap the stop and search form?" Brown "Waffle" Cameron "Are you going to scrap A Levels?" Brown "Waffle".

And it's not just Brown, all his ministers are having to take the same course of action: David Dimbleby to Andy Burnham "What is your opinion of Caroline flint's policy to evict the long term unemployed from social housing?" Burnham "Waffle". You see the problem is that Labour are ashamed of their policies. They dare not repeat them in front of a camera or to a journalist because they know that they would be unpopular with the public.

If you don't believe in your own policies (or you are ashamed of them) but force them on the public anyway, then you are morally corrupt and totally unfit to be running this country. Go for it David.


Anonymous said...

Not only are they ashamed of their policies, they do not want a permanent record of their association with these policies in case they are try to get promoted to more senior positions in future - including leader of the Labour Party once Brown is kicked out at the next election.

Travis Bickle said...

And if they're so pleased that the retirement of Castro is restoring democracy into Cuba why don't they try bringing it back to our country?

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Think it's long overdue. Think there was a prima facie some time ago.