Thursday, 28 February 2008

Prince Harry on the front line - Afghanistan.

It appears that Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban on the front line in Afghanistan. Good on him! I know he was desperately disappointed to miss out in Iraq. Iraq unfortunately would not have been safe for him or his men. I hope the media coverage of this story does not spoil this for the prince. Good man.

UPDATE: It's a shame that Harry has been withdrawn from operational service in Afghanistan following the media breaking the story. From the videos I've seen he looks to be a competent young man, more than willing to serve his country. The media in the UK should be congratulated for keeping his deployment secret, the foreign media outlets who released the story should not. Lives could be lost for the sake of a sensational headline. Jon Snow - tit.

Hookie over at the Final Redoubt has some videos of Harry's service in Afghanistan.

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Pablo the Scot said...

Jon Snow is a dispical creep. Why does he feel entitled to be able to inform everyone of Prince Harry's exact deployment details and timeline, no doubt including exact timings of all activities? Does he want him killed?

Snow has not demanded detailed deployment data on every one of the 7500 soldiers deployed out there, just the Prince? Why?

It seems to me that Snow is at best a fellow travellor of the Taliban, at worst an agent in place.