Thursday, 28 February 2008

Lisbon Treaty - I would leave the Lib Dems.

I've had enough of Nick Clegg and his deceitful policy on the Lisbon Treaty. It's policy designed to dodge the real question. The problem is that granting a referendum on the treaty should be the most important aim in politics today. Some Lib Dem bloggers understand this and so do many Lib Dem members. The farce of an "in or out" vote, and the pantomime we saw in the house on Tuesday should turn their stomachs. Very few people in this country want an "in or out " vote, but the majority do want a vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Nick Clegg and his front bench know this, and yet they still insist on putting up this smokescreen.

Many of those who oppose a referendum love to tell us that the public aren't interested. I assure you they will be if they don't get one. What Clegg and Brown must understand is this: there are many members of their respective parties who do understand the situation and do care passionately about the public's democratic right to have their promised referendum. The Lisbon Treaty comes in at number one on my list of political priorities and I'm sure that is the case for the vast majority of those who take an interest. The general public may not be paying much attention at the moment, but party members and those who are most likely to drag their backsides to a polling booth, are.

If David Cameron and the Conservative party were not supporting a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, I would be lost politically. I could not support a party that did not honour one of the most important manifesto promises made by all parties in the last 20 years. I could not support a party that denied me my democratic right to vote, purely because I would vote in opposition to their aims. If I were a Lib Dem I would be making it very clear to Nick Clegg that membership card would be fed into the shredder unless he honoured the party manifesto.

Nick Clegg - Shit or get off the pot.


Man in a Shed said...

I suspect many Lib Dem party members are in denial right now. They have elected an eccentric individual who does not share the political views of his party membership.

The Lib Dem EU referendum ploy is obvious to everyone who looks at it.

They would never ask for such a referendum if they thought it would be called. Especially not Nick Clegg.

Its a fig leaf to cover their deceit and treachery.

Daily Referendum said...


I stopped supporting Labour when I felt that I could no longer defend their actions. I'm sure many Lib Dems will feel the same way in the coming months.