Friday, 8 February 2008

Question Time 7th Feb - Andy Burnham does a Gordon Brown.

I enjoyed this weeks edition of Question Time. We had a decent panel, there were no real dummies and even the non-political panel member, Duncan Bannatyne, who didn't say much, still managed to enhance the debate with his comments. Surprisingly the panel were all in agreement on the first question raised: A member of the audience ask if The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, was correct to state that the adoption of some Sharia law in the UK seemed "unavoidable".

The show then settled into its usual format of opposing opinions. David Dimbleby had to cut Andy Burnham short on several occasions for doing a Gordon by going into typical party propaganda, instead of answering the question put to him. When Burnham was asked for his opinion on Caroline Flint's policy to evict the long term unemployed from social housing, David became so despondent he had to interrupt Burnham's Labour party political broadcast, saying:

"We hear this in the House of Commons every week, will you answer her question, no - answer her question please. Don't give us what the labour government have done in the last ten years in your view, but answer the question about what Caroline Flint said."

Obviously when given this second chance to answer, he still just waffled on about how great the Government is without actually answering the question. However David made Burnham pay for this by leaving him looking pretty stupid - to the applause of the audience. All Labour MPs can expect this treatment in the future if they insist on following the current trend of failing to answer straight questions about their own policy.

Is this question dodging policy anything to do with Gordon Brown's new top Spad Stephen Carter - A man of some very questionable past activities?

Note: Chris Grayling looked ten times the politician Burnham did.

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Travis Bickle said...

Burnham managed to look pretty stupid anyway, made up with more mascara than Mick Jagger in Performance.

His "I will not take lectures" comment was the comic moment of the week. The boy will go far in New Labour.