Thursday, 7 February 2008

Tony Blair - Judas Caesar, the first Emperor of Europe.

Thirty pieces of silver

I had hoped that I was wrong when, back in October, I wrote the post "Jobs for the boys". The Mail today dashed those hopes by announcing that Tony Blair has held talks with Gordon Brown after he was urged to begin a formal campaign to become the president of the European Council. I truly believed that Blair and his cronies, when it actually came down to it, just couldn't be that cynical - could they? Well the answer is yes they bloody well could. First Blair, and then Brown broke Labour's manifesto promise to give the people a referendum, and they did it for their personal gain.

It is well documented that Blair and Brown are not what you would call "bosom buddies", yet Brown looks set to give Blair his blessing. And it stinks. It has the stench of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. I think we can stop the speculation and be sure that when Blair signed us up to the EU Treaty while he was still Prime Minister, he had his sights set on the Presidency. What does Brown get out of it - or has he already had it - did Tony step aside for Brown on the condition that he backed him for his rise to President? And will Blair have a nice little earner waiting for Brown when the British public have done with him?

We need to go all out to stop this Treaty being ratified. It is now clear we have been sold down the river by two greedy and power hungry men. We can only hope that the rest of the nation become aware of the treacherous way they are being treated. I want to put something straight - like a lot of Conservatives I'm not anti-Europe, but I am against selling our sovereignty for the vanity of Blair and Brown. Men who dream of super states and the power they can bring have lost touch with reality. All they see of such a future is themselves swanning around in limousines and making grand gestures to the flash of cameras.

We must stop them now. If we don't, we little people will become invisible and barely audible to our masters of the European super state.


Anonymous said...

One of the dangers is that, once President of Europe, Blair may acquire the power to influence the outcome of the next elections in Britain.

Pablo the Scot said...

Influence the next election? The bastard is almost certain to push through the disolution of Britain as a political entity and even the regionalisation of England. he wanted this before, being President of the EU will give him all the encouragement he needs.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

not what you would call "bosom buddies", yet Brown looks set to give Blair his blessing

Members of the same club - i daren't write it out loud - the B--d--b--g-- group.