Friday, 29 February 2008

US Presidential Elections: Friday update - 29th Feb.

Well it's been another interesting week (the Chinese kind of interesting for Hillary) on the Democrat election trail. The Obama campaign team have accused Clinton campaign staffers of an attempted smear. Denied of course - perish the thought. Hillary has lost the backing of her prominent black supporter, Democratic Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis. Mr Lewis has switch allegiance to the Obama camp, saying:

"The people are pressing for a new day in American politics and I think they see Senator Barack Obama as a symbol of that change."
Clinton believes that Lewis was pressured into his decision.

Tuesday saw the two senators slugging out in a televised debate from Cleveland. It was too close to call, which in the strange world of politics means it was a win for Barack, seeing as Hillary failed to stop his momentum. There was also a bit of playground politics going on with accusations of "he started it" and "no she did" flying around. From what I've seen in the last week the Clinton team seem to be the ones making the most of negative campaigning. All in all it has not been a good week for Hillary, especially now that Democratic campaign dropout Senator Christopher Dodd has endorsed Barack by saying that he is "ready to be president". I should think Hillary is now more twitchy about next week's (4th March) primaries in Texas and Ohio than Barack.

On the Republican side, John McCain continues to enjoy a comfortable lead over his rivals Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Media interest in the Republican race has waned due to it being all but won. Polls show that the race will be all over after Texas and Ohio with big wins indicated for McCain in both states. The GOP have got their OAP.

See you next Friday.

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