Wednesday, 6 February 2008

US Presidential Elections: Super Tuesday - Who won what?

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Super-Duper Tuesday, right, here we go: Let's start with the Democrats. One thing is for sure, the will be no clear winner tonight and it looks like it won't be decided until March 4th when Texas and Ohio hold their primaries (maybe not even then). Clinton won tonight's big prize - California, and It looks like the Hispanic vote swung it for her (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, California and American Samoa). Obama has won 13 of the 23 states up for grabs (Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, Alabama, Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, Connecticut, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, Missouri), however Hillary has won the greater number of those all important delegates.

Democrat share of states:

Democrat share of delegates:

On the Republican side it looks like McCain has run away with it tonight (nine states out of 21: Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, California). This leaves everyone wondering if Huckabee and Romney can stay in the race. Huckabee had a good night taking a surprising five states (West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee), but he is quite simply skint. Romney had a disaster of an evening winning only six states (Alaska, Massachusetts, Utah, North Dakota, Montana and Colorado). One pundit called him a dead politician walking.

Republican share of states:

Republican share of delegates:

UPDATE: Romney has secured another state - Minnesota. This however still leaves him miles behind McCain on the number of delegates.

There are still a few results to come in. When the dust settles I'll knock up some charts showing the percentage of states and delegates won by each runner.

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