Wednesday, 6 February 2008

PMQs - 06/02/08 Gordon Brown, just answer a bloody question - part two.

I've had to force myself to write something about this week's PMQ's. It was, all in all, a total repeat of last week's pathetic performance. David Cameron can't be blamed; he's doing his job i.e. asking questions that the public want answers to. Unfortunately Gordon Brown now sees it as perfectly acceptable not to answer them. The speaker seems not to care and even allows Brown to question Cameron - it's a sodding farce. We've got Labour back-benchers asking questions like "I think the Prime Minister is more super than Super-Duper Tuesday, will the Prime Minister agree with me?"

I don't know if Cameron is pleased or frustrated (possibly both) by Brown's dodging, but I would certainly be asking myself "why should I bother to prepare questions" - David may as well spend the time at the dispatch box chatting about the weather. No doubt Brown would point out that the weather has improved dramatically since 1997, and any recent global warming was caused by Tory boom and bust policies in the last century.

What really hacks me off are the outright lies. Brown repeated his claim about the UK having more police than ever before, knowing it to be a lie. The man and his team know no shame. Of course, Brown can spout any rubbish he likes because it's difficult for Cameron to ask follow-up questions or to call him a liar. You will notice that Brown spews out most of his tired propaganda on Cameron and Clegg’s last questions. The reason of course, is that they have to sit there and listen to it without being able to question it.

Gordon, next week can you please answer just one bloody question? I'll settle for one.

Click HERE to watch PMQ's.


Pablo the Scot said...

Big Gordon actually answer a question? Me'thinks I have a better chance of getting pregnant!

Lee Griffin said...

It's time for a real change to the format. Just like you say, the session doesn't allow the PM to be held to account because of the limit on debate over issues of the day.

We desperately need a weekly leader debate session that allows questions defined by the public to be the subject of proper discussion giving leaders enough time to actually question each other. Otherwise the speaker needs some powers to compel the PM to actually answer questions rather than waste opponents valuable question quota by asking questions back. It's an awful tactic.

Daily Referendum said...


I don't think we'll be hearing any little footsteps soon.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree, PMQ's should be replaced with a debate. However I can't see Brown going for it - he'd get slaughtered.

Pablo the Scot said...

I've just watched the video clip.

I despair, I truly do. If I was a weak willed socialist I would shoot myself in total disgust. How did such a truly ignorant incompetent fool ever manage to become Prime Minister? Worse than that, this snivelling nose picking arsehole comes from my Alma Mater! God in heaven help me!

The only question he can answer is when one of his sycophantic arse licking lackies asks something along the lines of:
'Does the PM agree with me that the Labour parrty is the embodiment of all that is good and noble?' to which Gordo can't even manage a simple 'Yes' but still has to waffle exruciatingly.