Saturday, 15 March 2008

BBC Reporter advertising the EU.

I've just seen a BBC reporter standing outside the home of Shannon Matthews. It was raining and the reporter was using an umbrella. I can understand that, but why was he using one just like the one in this picture? Biased BBC - no surely not?

Would the reporter be able to use one of these without complaint?


Anonymous said...

"Biased BBC... " or maybe, just maybe, it was his own personal umbrella, which was a freebie given out to journalists at some euro conference he was once covering and which he just happened to pick up from his hat stand as he left early that morning.

God I hate ignorant would-be-journalists who don't consider both sides of the story before publishing.

Robin said...

Or it could be his part of the freebies given to the BBC from the EU bank that has given them a loan.
And the conditions of the loan are...?