Tuesday, 4 March 2008

David Cameron's Military Covenant Commission.

David Cameron held a press conference this morning to announce the launch of Commission to look at ways of restoring the Military Covenant, the special agreement between the Armed Forces and the Nation. Being an ex-serviceman this is a subject close to my heart and I can assure you that the covenant has been broken. David Cameron said:
"Over the decades, our Armed Forces have fully honoured their part in the Military Covenant. It is time that we as a nation think about how we can better fulfil our side of the deal."
If you feel that you have something to add to the commission, they are asking that you do just that. To play a part in mending the covenant please click on the banner above and then click on the "Your views" tab.


Anonymous said...

Cameron Comments This Week

The military covenant is Broken
Society is Broken
Trust in Government is Broken

Jesus Christ He sounds like a BROKEN record

Daily Referendum said...

Say again anon:)