Thursday, 27 March 2008

Geert Wilders releases his film criticising the Koran.

Earlier this month I put up a post about how Geert Wilders had called the Dutch PM a coward. Well it seems Geert has gone a step further and released his controversial film criticising the Koran on LiveLeak. Oh dear. There will be trouble ahead.......

More HERE.

UPDATE: Just as an indication of the interest in this film, in the 23 hours since being put up on Liveleak, it has been viewed 3.1 million times.


Letters From A Tory said...

I'm behind this guy 100%. Why does nobody stand up for freedom of speech in this country anymore?

It's a fascinating video, which is why I put it on my blog as well.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

O/T I'm afraid:

Steve, would you care to add your stats or links on this current debate on Climate Change? It would be appreciated.

Daily Referendum said...


I'm uneasy about this. I've watched the film and can see where Geert is coming from. BUT, it does seem to be a one sided view of Islam. Does this film represent all Muslims or just a small radical core?

Daily Referendum said...


Comment left on your post.

Beaman said...

Needed to be done in my view, whether it causes trouble or not. Just the principle of freedom of expression.