Thursday, 27 March 2008

No one should ever vote Lib Dem again - Lisbon Treaty.

There are rumours flying around and whispers of what could be the most disgusting act of self serving politics to occur in decades. It is well known that if you were to cut Nick Clegg in half, you would find gold stars running through him like Blackpool rock. So it was no surprise when he forced his MPs to abstain from voting for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. You see, it is thought that as many as fifty Lib Dem MPs would have voted for a referendum if given a free vote. And old EU Nick would not like that. To cover up this massive split in his party he invented the In or Out option, which was seen by all as a feeble attempt at a smokescreen.

Now, you would think that Nick would continue with this party policy when the Lisbon Treaty reaches the House of Lords. You would, it seems, be thinking wrong. There's one major difference between Lib Dem MPs and Lib Dem Peers - Lib Dem Peers are very Pro-Europe and if given a free vote, they would probably vote against allowing a referendum. This is were Nick has a problem: If he sticks to his party policy and forces the Lib Dem Peers to abstain, there is a damn good chance that the House of Lords will vote in favour of a referendum. However, if he does the dirty and allows Lib Dem Peers to vote, there is a equally good chance that the House of Lords will vote against a referendum.

So this is the question: Will Nick Clegg perform an act of rank hypocrisy and allow his Peers to vote, and thus steal the people's chance of a democratic vote. Or will he stick to his previous policy and force them to abstain, and risk damaging his dreams of European union. There is also the possibility that Clegg and Gordon Brown have done a deal.

If Clegg does not whip his Peers to abstain, then I hope the people can see him for what he is.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Most certainly a good little EU boy. The referendum matter has at least had the effect of "outing" the MPs and making it clearer who is whom.

Daily Referendum said...


I wish more people paid attention to politics. If they did, they wouldn't vote Lib Dem in a million years.

Pablo the Scot said...

Nick Clegg is, if I remember aright, still bound by his previous oaths as an MEP which committed him to promote the EU as the price of receiving his EU pension. Thus I would expect this spineless nonentity to take any action to promote the EU's position.

North Sea Chinaman said...

Two words explains Gleggs Lords performance.

"Shirley Williams"