Tuesday, 25 March 2008

It's Stone-Bloody-Henge mate.

Australian Ross Smith intends to build a full size replica of Stonehenge on his land on the south coast of western Australia. Ross will be using 2500 tons of granite to reproduce the monument in its original glory.

He hopes it will attract 300,000 visitors per year and he will be renting it out for weddings and other special occasions.

I think he could be onto a winner.


Harry Hook said...

It'll be the 6 million New Age Travelers turning up to put a prawn on the barby... that'll be the bugger.

Daily Referendum said...

The up-side of that is that they will be in Oz and not here.

Harry Hook said...

Good point... I wonder if that Faux Druid, Rowan Williams,would like to go as well?