Thursday, 24 April 2008

Conservatives - 18 point lead in YouGov Poll.

How long do you give Gordon Brown? The Conservatives now have an 18 point lead in the latest YouGov poll for the Daily Telegraph. Labour are down three per cent on a pathetic 26 points. Even the Lib Dems managed to get 17 per cent - it won't be long before Labour become the nations third party (unless they dump Gordon of course). The Conservative 18 point lead is the largest since 1987, and I've got a feeling that the gap is going to widen. No doubt, so do many Labour MPs who are now trying to choose between Gordon Brown and their mortgage repayments. Out of interest, this poll gives Cameron a 50 plus majority.

Happy days.


Quiet_Man said...

The Conservatives may very well win, but I'd like a few more promises out of them along the way. A definite on an EU treaty referendum, the equalising of the English on a par with the other nations of the UK and the dropping of that awful Clarke abomination.

I may be wrong, but I imagine Cameron's honeymoon might be very short if he doesn't come up with the goods very quickly.

Grendel said...

Frankly I don't care what promises Cameron may or may not make now. His instincts seem to be in the right place and would surely lead a better administration than the current shower.

Anonymous said...

I think all of us know what David Cameron needs to make clear to the British public. The following statement would be a good start....

"The time to present policies is a General Election. We know every time that if we announce them now, the Labour Party will attempt to hijack anything the British Public shows favour towards. When the Genral Election comes, I promise to make crystal clear the policies of an incoming Conservative Government, and you, the British Public, can decide whetherwhat we are offering you are part of the changes you are seeking. If not, you will have the choice of voting for another five years fo this disastrous Labour Party."

That is how I would word a speech right now for David Cameron.

Andrew Allison said...

This is a an anti-Labour vote, rather than a pro-Conservative vote, but if we play our cards right, we can win in two years' time.

PS: Steve, put me back on your blogroll again.

lettersfromatory said...

It will never be as high as this come election time, and bear in mind that such a massive lead only offers a small majority.

William Gruff said...

Expect a hung parliament resulting in a terminal (for England) Labour/LibDem alliance. Grooovey Dave will quit politics rather than spend the rest of his life as just another time-serving backbencher.

I'm not interested in hearing promises of more this and greater that, that's merely the sort of soundbite, Punch & Judy, 'yah-boo sucks to you' politics that The Grooovey One said he would move away from; I want to hear some absolutely binding statements of intent to move this country back from the authoritarian hell-hole it is becoming under Labour and the EU, and a commitment to restore the sovereignty of parliament. I haven't heard anything like them yet.

So far Cameron seems to have backtracked on those things that the peopole of England want done.

Sean Lynch said...

He cannot possibly go on like this for another 2 years, something will have to give, he is clearly incapable, incompetent and mentally unstable.
He is now viewed by most of his party as a disastrous choice to replace Blair.
It will be very, very surprising if he is not ousted before the next election in 2010.
If the local election results are bad enough, it could trigger a leadership contest to replace Brown as he is utterly hopeless and easily the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever had, he even makes Blair look good!
By the way,I think the crooked Livingston will, by hook or(definitely!)crook win in London, but it won't save Brown.

Anonymous said...

Please note the size of majority for the Tories stated in the Telegraph is clearly a typing error.If replicated in an election the poll results would give the Tories 407 seats, Labour 182 seats and the Liberals 31 seats giving the Tories a majority of 164 (see Terrible news for Gordon Brown but New Labour deserve what they will get as they have delivered nothing for middle Britain over the last decade despite an ever increasing tax burden.

Travis Bickle said...


Brown did actually say during PMQs that Labour "would not allow Boris to win the election", perhaps for once he was telling it like it is.

ps what the hell is ten spence anyway?