Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Gordon "EU lover" Brown wants to wipe England off the map.

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Today Gordon Brown has ordered the St George's Cross to be raised above Number 10. Meanwhile back in his evil EU lair, he is plotting with other European heads to wipe England off the map. England is to be split into three separate "EU zones" made up of parts of other countries including: France, Ireland, Wales, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands. How the hell are we supposed to protect our country's interests when it has been subject to a divide and conquer plan from Brussels?

If this is not the basis of a superstate I don't know what is. They intend to split up existing nations to remove any sense of individual nationalism. Countries will merge and disappear into the state of Europe and no doubt the great schemer Tony Blair will be crowned Emperor.

Eric Pickles, the Conservatives' communities spokesman, said:

"We already knew that Gordon Brown had hoisted the white flag of surrender to the European Constitution. "Now the Labour Government has been caught red-handed conspiring with European bureaucrats to create a European superstate via the back door. "Gordon Brown literally wants to wipe England off the map."
I think it is becoming ever more clear why Brown and his cronies are not going to allow us our democratic right to the promised referendum.


Semaj Mahgih said...

Hello Steve on this special day. I've posted the new map. One day Brown and Blair will be rounded up and given fair trial for what they have done to this nation.

Anonymous said...