Saturday, 28 June 2008

Andy Kerr - 1/4 favourite to replace Wendy Alexander.

From William Hill:


ANDY KERR is 1/4 favourite to succeed Wendy Alexander as leader of the Scottish Labour Party with William Hill, who also offer:
11/4 Margaret Curran
20 Iain Gray
20 Fiona Hyslop
20 Patricia Ferguson
20 Cathy Jamieson
25 Pauline McNeill
25 Rhona Branklin
33 Sarah Boyack
Let battle commence.


Anonymous said...

Do you think you realy think...they might give it to an Englishman?,after all we never give Scots a chance in England!!!!
(thats a joke by the way)

Daily Referendum said...


There's two chances and one of them is Adam.

Anonymous said...

In Scotland you have to prove yourself to be a Scot to lead. This would be true in other parts of the British Isles except...

I have found, (my own empiracal evidence),that there is more racism outside England than in it.Even the racists here are more open minded. They might hate Blacks or Muslims or some other group, but many Scots would hate those people,even their own, AND the whole English people.