Saturday, 7 February 2009

Poll: What kind of Tory are you? part 2

I'm running this Poll again to see if opinion has moved over the last six months:

When you drift around the various Tory blogs, you find that we have pretty similar opinions on Climate Change, an English Parliament and Europe. To this end I thought I would put this theory to the test. For the record, I selected A, B and C.

What kind of Tory are you?

A) Are you for an English Parliament (only)?

B) Are you a Climate Change Sceptic (only)?

C) Are you against the Lisbon Treaty (only)?

A and B?

B and C

A and C

A, B and C

None of the above. free polls


Heaver said...

ABC for me as well. I'd say most of the genuine public would subscribe to all three as well, though sadly the same is true for only a fraction of Tories at the top level.

Cassilis said...

No 'C' only? That would be me....

I'm for scrapping Holyrood or outright independence but the status quo s a mess. An English Parliament would make it messier still.

On Climate change I believe the overwhelming majority of scientists...

Daily Referendum said...


I have to agree on scrapping Holyrood, Devolution was a stupid halfway house that could never work.

On climate change, we'll have to disagree.

Travis Bickle said...

FFS Cassilis

It was scientists who said the world was flat.

And the concensus in 1970 was that we were heading for a new ice age. (no money to be made there; back to drawing board)

The more times scientific concensus is proven to be completely wrong the more adamant they are that their latest concensus is proven beyond doubt.

ps bet you leave mince pies and sherry out on christmas eve too.

Andrew Allison said...

ABC for me too, Steve, but anyone who reads my blog will know that already.

Cassilis said...


The discovery that the earth was round is traditionally one of the key episodes in the birth of Modern Science so you can't lay that at science's door. Likewise with the early 70's theories on a new ice age - that was one popular theory among many, getting attention largely because it was interesting.

There was nothing like the consensus there is today on climate change.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

I'm in a minority on this one.

John M Ward said...

Despite being virtually unable to see the text by the buttons, I have now voted in this poll.

Tory Poppins said...

Definitely the 'a,b, & c' type! Without 1 shadow of a doubt!