Thursday, 28 August 2008

If you are green, but fly, you are now ‘eco-hypocrites’

According to new research presented at the Royal Geographical Society, if you are generally green but fly, or go on "jaunts" (as described on the Royal Geographical Society website), you are now classified as ‘eco-hypocrites’. Nice.

I'm pretty sure that you are not going to boost the green cause by calling people who try to live in an environmentally friendly way 'eco-hypocrites’ for flying to their holiday destinations.

You can read the full article on the Royal Geographical Society website by clicking HERE (Prepare to be very annoyed).


The Raven said...

Annoying, yes. But then you read at some of the utterly insane ways celebrities - some of the biggest environmental nutters out there - are hypocrites themselves.

I personally have my doubts about Global Warming, but there are obvious attractions to living in a greener way, and recycling etc. I just don't like the nanny brigade telling me what to do.

J J said...

Green is just another word for tax!

The government seem to think that if they put 'green' in front of the tax we won't mind paying.

We do mind! And we are not stupid, so stop treating us as if we are stupid.

The world has been heating up and cooling down for millions of years and will continue to do so.

To suggest that we humans have any influence on that process is arrogant beyond belief.In the history of the world, we are nothing.

I will continue to fly on holiday as often as I can afford it.
There is only one plane and about three hundred passengers, plus crew.

If I pay a scientist he will prove that I am right. If someone who thinks I shouldn't be flying pays a scientist then he will be proved right.
Whoever pays the piper calls the tune!