Friday, 22 August 2008

Osborne's energy discount card will help pay the bills.

George OsborneIt's been a sad fact of recent history that the less money you have, the more you have to pay out for your basic utilities. So George Osborne's idea of an energy discount card is just the kind of policy needed to redress the balance between the well off and the not so well off. The card will enable those without a bank account to receive the same discounts as those paying by direct debit. George says this could help four million people save up to £100 a year.

The scheme has the backing of both the energy industry and Theresa Perchard, Director of Policy at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Theresa said: [The Tory policy] "offers to put more money in the pockets of poorer consumers by reducing their outgoings and providing for weekly budgeting to help avoid debt".

This is yet another great idea from Osborne's team, and it is just the kind of policy needed in these difficult times. Keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

Not the worst idea in the world perhaps. No doubt Zanulabour will be presenting a "similar " idea shortly.
Pleased to hear your voice again by the way, take it easy and keep going.

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