Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another good reason to leave the EU - "artificial roles" for men and women

There's been a new evil uncovered by the EU. An evil of such malevolence that the EU's Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality, Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson, believes that each member country should have a body to which the public can address complaints. The evil in question comes in the form of advertisers using "artificial roles" for men and women - women cleaning the kitchen, men polishing their cars.

Jesus H Christ (on a frigging bike). So when we see a man polishing his car on a TV Ad, we should be so outraged that we contact our "Artificial role body" to put a stop to it. From now on, are only women allowed to be seen to polishing cars and men must be seen doing the washing up? The result of this genius from the EU, is that every single role will be reversed in advertising because advertisers will fear breaking some ridiculous artificial roles rule. What gets me is that this stupidity is aimed at Women's rights and has bugger-all to do with equality. I have yet to see (in my thirty eight years on this planet) a woman polishing a bloody car. I have however seen countless men washing the bleeding pots.

Is this what our money is being wasted on? We are paying for people like Eva-Britt Svensson to come out with crap like this:
Awareness among consumers and the public about the influence of advertising has great importance. Today, for instance, no advertisement that increases pollution can be used. Advertising for different products must show a responsibility for the environment and prevent climate change. The purpose of my report is to help make it impossible to use gender stereotypes in advertising.
And like a good politician she managed to squeeze some climate change bunkum into a statement about Gender Equality.

To say this woman is supposedly anti-EU she seems to have the right EU mindset.


Jeremy Jacobs said...


John M Ward said...

I must admit I've never washed any bleeding pots, although I did once cut myself while doing the washing up. I bought a dishwasher after that...

This is indeed a daft idea, but so predictable. Yes, it will artificially produce a "role reversal" in adverts that will be frankly unrepresentative.

I have already since publicity materials with an unrepresentative preponderance of ethnic minority folk depicted, and it just looks so wrong to anyone who knows the subject being covered.

The sooner we are untied from the EU Socialist Superstate the better.

Meanwhile, in other news, I am pleased to be able to congratulate Daily Referendum for not only being in the Total Politics top 100 of right-leaning 'blogs, but has now been confirmed (over at Iain Dale) as No. 48 of all political 'blogs — in the top half, no less! Well done, and certainly deserved!

William Gruff said...

I would be delighted to see a woman polishing my car, after she's cooked my dinner and done the washing up, washed and ironed my shirts and then reversed my artificial role of drain unblocker, heavy weight carrier, jar openener, and 'no your arse does not look big in that' reassurance counsellor.

Swedes are very fond of eating tiny meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Now we know why.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks John.

Travis Bickle said...

She's not really doing much to negate the stereotype of complete shithead politicians in the evil empire though is she?

(I suppose she's blonde and Scandinavian as well but best not go there)

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

You were doing well until the 7th-9th last words, Steve.

Tony Sharp said...

Yes well done on your inclusion on the Top 100 Steve. As clear a demonstration as you might need of the popularity and reach of your writing.

Although your post does reveal the nannying interference and over-arching intrusion of the state, I prefer the scandalous in absentia trial and conviction proposals that have just been approved by the European Parliament.

Keep up the good work mate!

Daily Referendum said...

Same to you Tony, well done!