Thursday, 4 September 2008

William Hill offer 1,000,000/1 that the world will end on Sept 10, 2008 (CERN Experiment).

Earlier today I sent the following email to Graham Sharpe, William Hill's Media Relations Director:


There has been a great deal of speculation as to whether the CERN test on September the 10th will cause mini Black Holes to form, which could destroy the Earth. Are William Hill giving odds on whether the world will end next Wednesday?

And here is Graham's reply:
Steve - there is only one bet on which we permit punters to name their own odds - and this is it! We are 'officially' offering 1,000,000/1 that the world will end on Sept 10, 2008 as a result of this test - but anyone who wants longer odds - or, even, shorter (and we have laid as short as even money about the world ending, in the past), can have whatever price they want. However, I do believe that if the bet comes up, people will be paid out. There must be bookmakers in Heaven, where the only bets laid will be winners - but they will be staffed by people who were bookies in life - so that they are effectively spending eternity in a Hell where the bookie never wins!

Obviously collection could be a bit tricky, but 1,000,000/1 are good odds.


J J said...

If the world does end, how do you collect your winnings?

Daily Referendum said...


Through the Pearly gates, turn left and the Bookies is second on the right.

Harry Hook said...

I hope it is the 10th... I just couldn't take another 9/11 conspiracy theory. It could be an omen... see, I'm at it already!

CherryPie said...

Made me smile :-)

Dai Lowe said...

I remember an 'Outer Limits' where the dead crook thinks he's gone to heaven, when he's in a casino where he never loses, where the broads do anything he wants and so on. When he asks if he couldn't lose occasionally, his guide tells him just to specify when he wants to lose ... when he complains that Heaven is driving him crazy and he might as well be in the other place the reply is, "Heaven!? No sir ~ this IS the other place!"

Actually those are poor odds as the chances are billions to one. That's worse than the lottery!

Last one into the black hole is an event horizon!

Daily Referendum said...

Are you having a bet Cherry?

CherryPie said...

Not at the bookies but I bet we will both still blogging this time next week ;-)

dai lowe said...

By the way, for those considering a bet, the LHC can't end the world till the end of October anyway.

The first month is to be spent testing the futons being flung round one way, the next few weeks, they'll be whizzing zutons round in the other direction. Only late in October will they start doing both at once and colliding them in the hope of creating Mrs Miggins pions.

Or something like that.