Sunday, 28 September 2008

Conservative Conference highlights. 28/9/08

Over the next few days of the Conservative conference I will be pointing you towards the many highlights - whether they be press articles, press releases, videos, interviews and last but not least blog posts.

To start the ball rolling, here is a great interview with George Osborne in The Independent.

When you have finished there, you might want to click HERE (28min 50secs in) to see David Cameron performing well on the Andrew Marr show this morning. Be warned, Marr does not hide is support for Gordon Brown in this interview.

And HERE is another great picture from The Spine. It's not about the conference, but it is very topical.

14:30 David Cameron has just addressed the conference. David ended an excellent speech with: “People in this country are crying out for change. We have a plan for change – so let’s show them with everything we’ve got that we can be that change.”

Update: A great line from Liam Fox: "When New labour came to power, it was a charm offensive. Then the 'charm' resigned, and now it's just offensive."

Today's conference score: 9/10 - it's been a bloody great day. We have had unity, policy, great speeches, a great venue and a genuine feel good factor. I would have given today a 10, but I've got a feeling that the next few days will be even better. This could be a match for last years conference.


William Gruff said...

The people clearly showed their distaste for the Conservatives' brand of 'change' in 1997 and voted overwhelmingly for a Labour government, which effectively carried on, in many ways, much of the idiocy of the previous eighteen years. People do not want more 'change', they want an end to the madness, much of which emanates not from Labour HQ but from Europe, and a return to sanity. Cameron offers the people nothing but more of the same old lunacy in a slightly different package.

Daily Referendum said...

You know Mr Gruff, there is a difference between Cameron and Brown. Cameron doesn't need to resort to spin and lies. He can just tell the truth about Gordon Brown. However, if you have paid any attention at all, you will have noticed that Brown does little else but lie.

William Gruff said...

You know very well that, as a former, active, member of the Labour Party I've been paying close attention for some years and you haven't addressed my point. With regard to your point: Cameron's style is exactly that of the spin addict; he's a popularity junkie and a political lightweight, elected to the leadership only because those better able have failed to lead the party to victory, and when his gaffes do eventually bite him on the arse we'll see plenty of spin and lies spewing out of Conservative HQ. It isn't necessary for Grooovey Dave to tell the truth about The Tartan McReich's F├╝hrer, we can see that for ourselves. What we can't see is just how the Conservatives propose to sort out the mess that successive post war governments, including that of Mrs Thtacher, have created.

William Gruff said...


'Cameron doesn't need to resort to spin and lies.


sean lynch said...

If you don't vote Labour Mr Gruff who do you vote for?
Nobody voted for Brown to be the supreme Fuhrer of anything, not even his anti democracy party...