Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Conservative Conference highlights Tuesday. 30/9/08

The Raven has a interesting post on Brown and Darling's announcement to protect savings.

Nick Herbert's excellent speech on prisons:

A well measured speech from a man who looks more like a Prime Minister than Gordon "Mavis" Brown:

Nick Robinson points out that Gordon Brown is (to put it very bloody politely) not telling the whole truth about the £50,000 customer protection announcement.


John M Ward said...

For anyone who might not have been sure before this week, Cameron must now be perceived by just about everyone as vastly more of a Prime Minister that the actual PM has ever been.

Of course, the Labour trolls (who are out in force around the blogosphere this week) will try to pretend otherwise; but their desperate stance is no more credible than that of the party they support, which is virtually zero.

James Higham said...

Hope it's going well.

James Higham said...

You have to laugh at the terminology - customer protection.

Anonymous said...

Brown in "lying again" shocker.

If you look very closely you can tell when he's lying - its when his lips move!