Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ed Balls in Nazi uniform - why has this story been buried?

Ed Balls - senior cabinet minister - wearing Nazi uniformPicture from the Daily Mail.

Only one news paper has seen fit to mention the story of Ed Balls - senior cabinet minister - wearing Nazi uniform and generally pissing about with his false bum and boob wearing drinking buddies. You are not telling me that this is not a major story in the conference season, this story has been buried or my thingy is a kipper.

What I want to know is why? Why have the biased beeb and (surprisingly) SKY been blowing smoke up Gordon's backside for the last few days? Why were Labour mouth pieces dealt a free hand during the Labour conference without any opinion from the opposition? Will the Tories be granted the same free hand this week? For some reason the media tide seems to be turning against the Conservative party. Why? Brown as done nothing but lie an spin his rubbish all week. What has been offered to certain political journalists to back Brown against public opinion?

And talking of buried stories, why has only one paper run the story about culture minister Margaret Hodge wanting to resign from government? Luckily there is a difference now in the media, now we have bloggers, stories cannot be totally buried. The word will get out no matter how much influence or pressure is applied to stop it.

I hope I'm very wrong, but I think we can expect an hostile, Labour friendly media during the Conservative conference.


The Raven said...

Cheers for this, Steve. I don't often look at the Mail so I missed this one. Making a special post about it.

Daily Referendum said...


You're most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Rod Liddle mentions it in the Sunday Times today.

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks, it's about time. I think the burying of this story could be the story.