Sunday, 21 September 2008

Gordon Brown - Free childcare plan for 12-year-olds (scorched earth).

Gordon Brown's scorched earthGordon Brown's announcement to provide free child care for two-year-olds is just another example of slight of hand from a desperate government. For one thing this so called policy is stretched out over the next ten years. That's ten years of extra spending that Gordon Brown will have stitched a Conservative government up with. We can expect more of these generous offers to be announced in the dieing days of this Labour government.

Making these expensive promises (with our tax money) is easy for Brown, they will either help him cling to power, in which case they can be quietly dropped later, or he will be leaving the bill for Cameron to pick up. Brown will announce policies that the country cannot afford, and then he will sit back in his retirement rocker and watch David Cameron struggle to re-seed the scorched earth he inherited.

We need a General Election as soon as possible, as any delay will give Brown more chance to run up national debt.


John M Ward said...

Yes, you make the same point that I have been trying make, that we need a General Election right now, to minimise the damage to the country, and the knock-on effects that will have for the nest part of a generation.

Forget the party benefits for the Conservatives, the longer Brown and Labour remain in power: I'd be content with a reasonable working majority and start repairs within the next few months.

Based on this huge polling exercise conducted by YouGov for Politics Home, I'd say an overall majority of something like the 146 they suggest would be more than sufficient for this.

John M Ward said...

Oh, by the way: did you really mean "12-year-olds"?

Daily Referendum said...


Yes I meant it to read 12, that's how old some of the kids will be by the time this policy is fully rolled out.

John M Ward said...

Thanks for that. I thought that might have been the case, but my brain has been a sluggish today so I just needed to check. I think it's watching the Labour Conference that's making my brain switch off in self-defence :-)