Sunday, 14 September 2008

Iain Martin - John Reid could challenge Gordon Brown.

John ReidThe Telegraph's Iain Martin is putting forward a case for John Reid to challenge Gordon Brown in a leadership election. I have to say that Iain may be not too far away from the truth. When you read his article, Reid standing doesn't seem that strange.


J J said...

The Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish all have their own parliaments. (Whatever you choose to call it)

Why do none of these Scots want to be the Scottish prime minister?

William Gruff said...

I hope Mr Dr Reid wins. We need a Prime Minister who cannot speak English to shake the English.

Scotch colleagues, when I worked in Sc*tland, were always confounded by my admission that I'd willingly vote for Scotch independence.

I'd certainly vote for Mr Dr Reid.

J J said...

I'd also vote for Scottish independence.
To give the English freedom from the Scots.

tally said...

Reid is renowned for climbing onto tables pissed and sing IRA songs.