Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Spine is back! - Noel Edmonds’ Immigration Pledge

One of my favourite blogs "The Spine" is back up and running. This is his latest visual offering:

And here is an old favourite from the Spine that seems even more on the money today than the day he produced it last December.

You can see more of the Spine's great work by clicking HERE.


John M Ward said...

Nice one! I've addeed a link on my site as well.

I suppose it will always be a Labour-free place, as they don't even seem to know what a spine is...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I dont get it....why you people so angry about this emigration issue? Because there are so many of them? Thats all? OK I get that. But can you find answer for low skills job or lowest paid jobs? Would you work there in the name of clearing out your country?
The thing is you all shout "get rid off them" but you don't know what to do next.
You simply are idiots and you need them...oh well not all of them.