Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lib Dem Conference - Nick Clegg's fairytale speech.

Nick Clegg's conference speechI've just had the great displeasure of watching someone do a exceedingly poor impression of David Cameron. In fact I had to stop watching for the sake of my blood pressure. Talking without notes, à la Cameron (but using very discreet autocue), Clegg set out a political agenda that proved that the Lib Dems will do anything and say anything to win votes. He promised tax cuts (this week) and social justice. Tax cuts that he has struggled to explain were the money will come from. As for social justice, I don't think he explained at all how that was going to be achieved, but he did say it would be nice to have some.

It also seems that he would like us to be living in caves in about twenty years time. NO NUCLEAR and NO COAL he proclaimed to an audience that managed to look both jubilant and uncomfortable in clothing hand knitted from their own pubic hair. I'm sure Clegg keeps up with current affairs (well I hope he does, £30 p/w pension?), so he must have seen recent reports slating alternative sources of energy as being a) bloody expensive, and b) I think more importantly, bloody useless. He is making policy promises that he knows that he will never get to implement and would never work if he did.

I've always thought of the Lib Dems as the nice to have party. A lot of their policies would be nice to have if they had any chance of working, or if we had any chance of being able to afford them. The main gist of Clegg's speech seemed to be aimed at attracting Labour voters, attacking Cameron and adopting a Tory stance to help the party fight marginal southern seats. All in all, his speech was well delivered, but it lacked substance and was full of the usual Lib Dem fairytales.

And as for: "I can tell you where we're headed. Government!" - well, words really do fail me.


Gallimaufry said...

How could anyone even think that £30 a week would be remotely close to the answer? It was a wicked pleasure to see Paxo taking sadistic delight at Cleggy's inability to come up with more than £5.5billion of the £20billion savings he promised. Like the Roman Centurion teaching Brian the Latin for Romans Go Home.

Anonymous said...

His speech was W*NK, S*ITE.