Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Conservatives on 52 points in Ipsos-MORI poll. 17/9/08.

This Ipsos-MORI poll is going to be terrible news for Nick Clegg, and it will no doubt knock the wind out of his sails. The Conservatives are now on 52 points, a staggering 28 points clear of Labour and 40 points in front of the Lib Dems. In fact the Tories polled higher than all the other parties combined.

Surely this will only put more pressure on Gordon Brown. There is a rumour that John Hutton's PPS, Eric Joyce is looking to quit after the Labour Party conference - now he may be thinking - why wait?

UPDATE: This is a special message from the police to Jacqui Smith on hearing that the current poll figures would see her lose her seat if translated into a general election:


Man in a Shed said...

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be grinning away at this moment.

I know that Labour will change leader and we'll have a real fight latter on - but its a bit like beating Germany 1-5 in Munich - the day is to be savoured.

Daily Referendum said...

Nick Clegg: "I can tell you where we're headed. Government!" - classic.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems now on 21%, funny haven't seen that on this blog.