Monday, 6 October 2008

Lisbon Treaty - Irish foreign minister set on ratification.

Press release from the European Parliament:

Lisbon Treaty: MEPs debate Irish rejection and way forward

Future of Europe/European integration - 06-10-2008 - 19:51

The EU must cooperate with the Irish government to address people's concerns and find a suitable way forward for institutional reform. So said MEPs in a lively Constitutional Affairs Committee debate with Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin on Monday, on the reasons for Ireland's referendum rejection of the draft Lisbon reform treaty.

"By December, we expect to be able to identify more precisely the issues that need to be addressed and to outline the necessary steps to achieve our objective of continued full engagement in the Union", said Mr Martin in his introduction.

That says it all really: "to achieve our objective". Does that sound like a man representing the people of Ireland, or does it sound like a man setting out to ensure that the grand EU master plan comes to fruition? It sounds to me that the referendum in Ireland was seen as a formality by EU leaders, and that nothing was, or is, going to stop the Lisbon Treaty being ratified.

Full European Parliament press release HERE.


Ingram said...

What an utter scumbag!

Hope all is well Steve!

Daily Referendum said...

Hi Ingram,

Terrible thanks mate, how about you?

Letters From A Tory said...

Bit strange for him to say that on record - won't go well with the voters, I suspect.

Daily Referendum said...


If they ever get to find out.

jaymason said...

I think they are desperate to get Ireland to ratify before the tories get in in the UK and give us poor sods a referendum

Daily Referendum said...

I think you are probably spot on Jay.

Ingram said...

Sorry to hear that mate. Life is plodding along for me. Blood tends to boil when i get access to the blogs as I am sure it does for most of us! Hope things improve for you soon!