Monday, 10 November 2008

Vote: United States of America or United States of Europe?

My mind went a-wondering today. I was thinking about the possible Chinese intervention into the HBOS saga (I have a few shares) and I wondered how people would feel about what would be China's largest UK acquisition to date? I don't like the idea of China owning a major UK bank - I don't know why - it just doesn't seem right. That got me wondering about how I would feel if an American bank was to take over HBOS instead, and I realised that I wouldn't be as concerned. With more EU controversy today over the Court of Auditors failing to approve the European Union's accounts for the 14th year on the trot, I began to wonder whether people would prefer to become the 51st State of America, or the continue to be one of the 27 States of Europe?

Obviously this is just a bit of fun. If you had to make the choice, which one would you choose?

Which United States would you prefer to be a member of?
United States of America
United States of Europe free polls


Norfolk Blogger said...

I note Robert Peston is saying there is very little chance of a Chinese bid for HBOS, especially as HBOS have borrowed £10bn from Lloyds, and this would have to be paid back at a very disadvantageous rate if anyone other then Lloyds buys HBOS.

Letters From A Tory said...

Your concern about China might be rooted in their disgraceful human rights record, corruption and disdain for freedom of speech.

jaymason said...

my caveat for teaming up with america lies in they promise never to let Hilary Clinton near the whitehouse and O'bama lives up to his reputation and doesn't turn into another Tony Phoney

TBRRob said...

Christ -- that's a hard one. I think America.