Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Basketball coach sacked for winning by 100 to 0

You think we are going mad over here for stupid school policies such as "no winners and losers" in case it upsets the little darlings? Well, in Dallas Texas you could find yourself sacked if the team you are coaching wins by too much.

Last week, a Dallas school posted a message on its website apologising for beating local basketball rivals by 100 to 0. "It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honourable approach to competition."

The coach, Micah Grimes wrote an email to the Dallas Morning News stating that the team had no reason to be ashamed for winning. He was sacked the same day.

Nuttier than squirrel sh*t.

Full story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Speed??? Smack more like!

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: It seems that Dallas academy is very small and caters for special needs students with learning disabilities... which perhaps casts a different light on the story.


J said...

Running up the score is hugely frowned upon in American sports: read this article for some of the background.

Grimes wasn't fired for coaching his team to such a blowout win, he was fired for not apologising for going far against the spirit of the game.

J said...

Here's another take on the story:

Running Up the Score Watch: For years TMQ has maintained that in cases of extreme running up the score it is the victor, not the vanquished, who should be mortified. For years TMQ has also maintained that high schools and colleges that condone or even applaud running up the score are violating their duty to teach character and sportsmanship. As noted by a huge number of readers including Mary Jennings of Dallas, finally a place of learning has acted as if it believed its own rhetoric regarding character. After the Covenant School defeated tiny Dallas Academy 100-0 at girls' basketball -- Dallas Academy has about 20 girls in the entire school, and has not won a girls' basketball game in four years -- the victors issued an apology. Covenant School called its own actions "shameful and an embarrassment." News reports said Covenant players were launching 3-pointers in the fourth quarter: The school admitted itself guilty of "victory without honor." Covenant fired the coach responsible for the debacle. If you're trying to beat up on a weak opponent, that says something about you -- and what it says is not flattering. At least Covenant School had the dignity to admit its poor behavior, and take action. Let's hear a round of applause for the person who made the admission, Kyle Queal, head of Covenant School. There are numerous high schools and colleges that should follow his good example.

There's playing to win, and then there's humiliating your opponents long after the game's in the bag.