Friday, 16 January 2009

David Cameron- Conservative online policy launch - Low carbon plans.

The Conservative Party will be doing their first-ever online policy launch today at 1.30pm. David Cameron will be discussing the party's new low carbon plans with an Indy journalist and taking questions afterwards from the live chat, e-mail and also Twitter.

You can watch the policy launch live at 1.30pm today on this video player:

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William Gruff said...


Really inspiring.

I'm satisfied that Grooovey Dave is 100 per on the turquoise tampon (and I'm sure that he'll make sure that convictions are increased by personally lowering the burden of proof in cases of enviro-rape) but what will the Conservatives do about those things that really matter to me.

I must admit that I've been naughty and asked a question to which I already know the answer, which is 'sweet fuck all'.

That's right: I'm a voter and I feel certain that voting Conservative would be a waste of time because the Conservatives will do sweet fuck all about anything that matters to me.

I will vote at the next general election (I spoiled my paper at the last) but I won't vote Conservative, nor, I believe, will many like me.