Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hamas care about the citizens of Gaza?

Many wrongs have been perpetrated by both sides in the build up to the current conflict in Gaza. However, Hamas are to blame for the climbing body count reported over the last 24 hours.

I have young children. If I take them for a walk in our local park and we happen to come across a large dog, I do not poke that dog with a sharp stick. For one thing, that dog will almost certainly attack me, another is there's a good chance my children will get bitten in the process.

Hamas are firing rockets into Israel, knowing full well that the retaliation will be costly for the people they are supposed to represent. When Israel started its air offensive to stop the rocket attacks, Hamas continued to fire rockets. When Israel massed its army on the border, Hamas continued to fire rockets. Now that Israeli troops have entered Gaza, Hamas continue to fire rockets. It's like me continuing to poke that dog with my sharp stick after it has already savaged two of my kids. Worse still, by placing their rocket sites near civilians, Hamas are poking the dog whilst holding their children in front of them.

It may seem like I'm taking sides with Israel on this, but I'm not. Both sides have committed wrongs in the past, but it is a fact that if Hamas had stopped firing its rockets last week, a lot of people would be alive today.

You cannot poke a angry dog with a sharp stick and expect to get away with it.


Abdullah said...

If I can replace the stick with a gun, maybe I can kill that animal.
and finish the problem.
It's just a dog!!
and I will die for hamas, so do the citizen of palestine they have choose and they choose die for hamas!!for ISLAM and will not begging to Israel the dog

Quiet_Man said...

Abdullah's reaction is typical of the mindset of Islam Steve, as far as they are concerned all they need is a bigger stick/gun and the problem is solved. Doesn't matter how badly they are mauled, the stock answer is get more sticks.

Anonymous said...

Jesus - the Islamic Death Cult as practised by Hamas reminds me of the Russians at Stalingrad trying to drown the germans in their own blood; problem is the West Bank isnt cold...

Cato said...

Abdullah, if you wish to die for Hamas, then you are more than welcome to enter my back yard.

Anyone with a grain of commonsense would not enter willingly but it appears that Hamas has no such commonsense.

In that case, come in and die.

Duyfken said...

It seems indeed that the problem is one of different mind-sets, as illustrated by Abdullah's baleful flourish. How can anybody treat rationally with such as him in the face of such obduracy?

Pablo56 said...

Interesting comment by Abdullah. He sees the only solution to the problem being the elimination of Israel and by extension, the massacre of all of its people. I doubt he sees anything wrong or immoral with that since it is removing an irritant and obstruction to muslim people.

If however, it was to be suggested that all the Arabs around Israel should be 'eliminated' to secure the Jewish state, I'm certain sure he would have an extreme reaction to that, including cries of genocide and immorality.

Muslims need to grow up and learn to take the rough with the smooth. Remember, your ability to berate us for your society's past failings is only as great as our willingness to accept your comments; and our patience is growing ever thinner!