Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Petition - Send Gordon Brown a message - it's time to go.

An update to the No10 Petition for Gordon Brown to resign over his financial incompetence.

So far 740 people have signed. This Petition closes on the 15th of this month so you need to sign soon. If you run a blog or website please post a link to the petition or email your mates. I'm sick of hearing Brown claim it all came from America.

Click HERE to sign the petition.


Mark Brentano said...

I was also sick of hearing Brown claim that the crisis began in America. Then I heard this:


Mark Brentano

Mark Brentano said...

Oops, sorry. Link didn't come through. Two or three days after Obama won, Brown stated, on the BBC, that the credit crisis had 'started somewhere else.' Mustn't criticise the US now that Obama has come down to earth to save us.

Mark Brentano

James Higham said...

Why must it close on the 15th of this month?

Anonymous said...

1 million or more told Bliar to go and screw himself over road pricing using that route he moved it to Manchester and Manchester told Brown to go and screw himself over road pricing and I am just waiting and wondering where it will show up again,,so any hope of Brown taking notice of the petition is zero,we need a GE to take care of Brown and his goons even then I am sure he will come up with something to screw it up.

Anonymous said...


GE? Carlos the Jackal more like