Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tory Councillor criticised for topless pictures in his office (vote).

Tory councillor David Taylor has put up The Sun's 2009 page 3 calender in his office to have a go at political correctness. Sure enough, David's fellow Labour and LibDem councillors have kicked up a fuss. Council leader Councillor David Kirkham, said:
"It certainly would not be acceptable in the Labour group. "Wherever I have worked that sort of thing has always been deemed as not the sort of thing to do. "Officers go in and out of the councillor offices all the time. Mail has got to be delivered."
LibDem Councillor Jason Zadrozny said the pictures were "out of touch.
"Political correctness has gone mad and I agree with that. But when you are subjecting other members of staff to it, or you have a constituent come to see you in that office, it is clearly not fair. It is out of order."
Conservative leader Councillor Kay Cutts said she did not have a problem with the pictures.

Full story HERE.

Should topless pictures be allowed in the workplace?
Only if it is an all male environment. free polls


The Raven said...

One of the women in my office at work has a collage of David Beckham photos as her screensaver. They consist of him wearing nothing but underwear, and lying in 'sensual' positions. Nobody complains, and rightly so. But if I had a screensaver packed with photos of Lucy Pinder getting her Tories out for the lads, the PC brigade would be on me like flies on poo.

CherryPie said...

I have noticed that too... Men are not allowed to display pictures of women or they will be chastised. But women display pictures of men and no-one says anything.

I have always found that unfair!