Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Carol Thatcher barred from the One Show over racist remark.

Carol Thatcher has been barred from the One Show after being reported for a racist comment.

More to follow.

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Update: It looks like this was a private joke blown out of proportion by the PC brigade. I think Carol was being a naive comparing the tennis player to a Golliwog, but I'm sure there was no racist intent. However, some will scream racism no matter what.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that now when someone makes a racist remark 'in jest' there are the accusations that it is another case of 'PC gone mad' when people complain?. This is no minor comment to be ignored, Carol Thatcher, daughter of a former Prime Minister should know better, and so should the previous blogger who I suggest takes a stroll down Brixton and tries calling someone a 'golliwog'.Get real! Race is a hugely sensitive issue. To accuse people of being 'too PC' over such an overtly racist remark, is to condone racism in our society and belittles people's genuine feelings of disgust.

Daily Referendum said...


I, and I'm sure Carol, would not walk down Brixton and call someone a Golliwog.

In a private conversation she said the young man in question reminded her of a Golliwog. I believe it was something to do with the tennis players hair cut?

What Carol said was not racist because she did not think she was being racist. That it was racist is obviously the opinion of someone else.

Henry North London said...


Is this racist? or just fun?

Warsteiner said...

So she made an OFF AIR comment and the BBC want her to apologise ?

What for ? if they hadn't publicised it we wouldn't have known about this.

BBC PC brigade, do one and get real,, another person has just cancelled their license fee.

TractorStats said...

I'm a Golliwog Lover My black friends have great senses of humour and we take the micky out of each other with equally strenuous effort and ache from laughter. It's not PC to be human anymore but if you're not PC your still human. Are we Human or are we Zombies, where are The Killers.

Anonymous said...


I suspect that Carol Thatcher, like many of her generation, was brought up with the books of Enid Blyton. Perhaps her reference to a golliwog was a little more innocent than you imagine.

Its only over sensitive people like yourself that tend to see it otherwise. I agree that there are genuine racists and they are abhorrent but you cannot 'tar everybody with the same brush'.

Take your own advice and stop inciting racism.

Oh, and if you are so proud of your views, why do you prefer to be anonymous?

Anonymous said...

The level of sensitivity towards racist comments has become skewed in recent years, we are now extremely quick to attack the slightest infringement, often heavy handedly. So I can understand that the case in questions seems like much of the same.But as a black male from Nigeria now 32, who was fortunate enough to have spent his youth growing up in this country (and enjoyed it very much) I was personally called a Golliwog repeatedly when growing up and I can assure you there is no humor to be found in the insult.
It is both racist and deeply offensive, there is no getting around that.
Does Carol Thatcher deserved to be dragged across hot coals and made an example of? Absolutely not. But she does need to understand that what she said is offensive and unacceptable and a simple apology will suffice. We all make mistakes and Im sure the public in question will understand.
A racist remark said in private is still a racist remark, the only difference is that it offends less people.

Daily Referendum said...


A racist remark must have racist intent.

Carol did not intend to be racist.

A word cannot be racist.

William Gruff said...

Carol Thatcher has always been an idiotic woman but she offended no one and need apologise to no one. That some have taken offence from a word they have not heard her utter does not change that.

Letters From A Tory said...

She didn't even call someone a golliwog, she said their hair looked like that of a golliwog.

Such a joke. I vented my anger about this on my blog this morning, suffice to say that I have considerable sympathy with Carol.

Curbishlyauto said...

Carol Thatcher sacked for making a comment in private.

Jonathon Ross publically broadcasting a highly offensive, ageist, sexist diatribe is retained.

Clearly Carol's comment was edginess too far.

DARWEN REPORTER, Linda Preston said...

I remember collecting Robinson's Golly figures from jam pots when I was a kid. There was never the slightest hint of racism behind the Golly. My sis had a Golly and it was a toy. I never thought "oh, this is a black man"

Carol's alright. She was a breath of fresh air on what's fast becoming a boring programme.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Ross, Russell Brand ...both should have been sacked.
Next, John Barrowman with his disgusting behaviour on a radio programme...naughty , naughty.
Carole Thatcher, a remark made in private and she has been sacked from appearing on the One Show??
It is time the BBC got their priorities right...they are obviously out of tune with a lot of their viewing and listening public.

Mark said...

There's not much to add to this argument as it is a simple issue of how people want to understand what they hear (or don't hear!). I will however add my support for Carol and air my disappointment at the BBC and the politically correct society we find ourselves in for making such a meal out of an entirely innocent and off the record comment. Are we now denying the existence of golliwogs, the Black and White Minstrel Show, Enid Blyton books, etc? Pathetic!

Mark, London

Anonymous said...

When I grew up in the 1970's a "golliwog" was a popular children's toy. It was also referred to in several children's books at the time. THERE WAS NO RACIAL INTENT attached to it whatsoever!!!Is this what the world of 2009 has come to? This is political correctness run amok! I'm glad that she refused to apologise for her remark.

Anonymous said...

So the anally retentive are in control would it be illegal under the Human Rights legislation to build a bonfire and load it with all the useless idiots that are devoid of any sense of perspective. I'm not suggesting every one burns but anyone who used words such as "diversity" "inclusiveness" "religious tolerance" (this however does not apply to christians)should be used a kindling to get it going.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that the BBC are responsible for a lot of the problems in this country, and no longer report the news but make it up,this latest scenario being a prime example.
Carol has my complete support and I too would probably have used a similar word to describe curly hair, this was a word in our every day vocabulary in the 1960's and 1970's and I am sure was even in the English dictionary at one time, maybe someone can correct me on this. My cousin being white female with lots of dark curly hair was regularly called a "golliwog" together with other kids who were called "goofy" and other playground names.
Robinsons Gollys were thought of with much affection as were the "black babies in africa we gave our pocket money to every week at school". I am Scottish and have lived in Wales and England and have been called Scotty and haggis on many occasions, I am different and proud of it and accept these comments as terms of endearment!
I have just listened to the lunchtime news and Jay Hunt reporting on behalf orf the One Show, I am incensed at the way this was reported and how Carol has been made out to be this terrible person.
BBC you should be ashamed:
Should Carol Thatcher have lost her job, certainly not! Should Jonathan Ross have been sacked - certainly yes!

Anonymous said...

As an adult, if someone offends me I take it up with them or ignore it. I do not go running to Aunty BBC or anoyone else to fight my position. Then again, I am not desperate for publicity and in need of making a meal of things.

Deborah said...

I am Chinese who was born and bred in Hong Kong. The gollywog to me is just an adorable figure on the jam pot. Never have I associated it with any people of any race, ethnic group etc. From what I understand Ms Thatcher's remark referred to the hairdo or appearance of the tennis player, which I am inclined to agree. Moreover, it was in the context of a private conversation, the exact wording, context and circumstance of it we do not know. To make this incidence known to the "management" of the BBC was a very underhand tactic to rid Thatcher from the show. I wonder who that was.
The BBC is indeed very hypocritical to retain Ross and bar Thatcher. Even more so when they used the word "Chinaman" in their coverage of 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. At the time many Chinese staff (from various countries) of the BBC World Service complained, but they never responded.
Where do I sign up to boycott the BBC or refuse to pay the licence fee?

Justice for the British worker said...

I have never seen a more obvious show of complete madness, Carol wasn't being racist it was a private joke, we have lost touch with reality in this country. Support to the guys that have taken a stand this week in support of British manual/skilled workers(of which I am one and female working in British agriculture). Why can't we all live together in understanding and respect for one another, all this PC stuff just breeds unrest and discontentment. Apart from that its just a load of TRIPE!!

Daniel said...

Just to add my opinion, the term Golliwog is thought to be highly offensive, especially in the black community, and I'd be very suprised if any black person would find it amusing to be compared to a doll fashioned in a grotesque caricature of a black male.

To use the excuse that it was said in private would also mean we'd have to condone Ron Atkinson's use of the word 'n***er' simply because it was said off-air and not intended to be broadcast. Admittedly, that term is more offensive than the epithet Thatcher uttered, but make no mistake, golliwog is not considered term of endearment.

I have no idea if Ms Thatcher is racist (I suspect she isn't), but as a journalist and TV personality, I find her lack of social awareness quite astonishing. Maybe she did only make the comment as a joke, but you would have to ask would she have made the same joke if the green room was occupied with the cast of Porgy & Bess!

However, it may well be possible that she actually didn't know how offensive the word was, but the fact remains it is a derogatory term to most black people and I hope she now realises that some words, whether in private or not, shouldn't be used as a comparative device.

Of course, that's only my opinion.

Daily Referendum said...


Ron Atkinson is a total arsehole and should never be allowed on TV again.

This is something different.

Anonymous said...

As I remember it, a golliwog was a children's toy that gave a huge amount of pleasure, I never saw it as being racist. Anyway I always called my golliwog a wolligog, so lets revert to this name and bring it back as a toy. Obviously, someone is gunning for Carol, but she gets my support 100%.

Cambridge Graduate said...

What a lot of fuss about nothing! It seems to me that the BBC has lost the plot. All this PC nonsense is just a load of twaddle. I hold no particular brief for Carol Thatcher or her distinguished mother, but I fully support Carol in this matter.
There is a tiny vocal minority bent on making a big issue out of these things.
I feel sure the great British public will take a more balanced view.

PS Who was it who reported her crime to the BBC watchdogs?? The One Show will no longer have my support.

Daniel said...

To Daily Referendum

I agree on your comments on Ron Atkinson, and as a person, I would never compare him to Carol Thatcher.

However, I think that his situation is similiar to Thatchers in as much as they both used terms derogatory to a large minority of the country (and is if tonight's edition of Question Time is anything to go by, a few of the majority as well)off air and have been censured because of it.

I realise that to people like Anonymous, a golliwog was an inoffensive toy, but I'm afraid the fact remains the toy itself was based on a gross caricature of a black man, hence why a quite a few people have taken issue over the whole affair.

Anonymous said...

Carol Thatcher said nothing wrong. We have always had golliwogs as dolls and on jam pots both of which has disappeared as it is offensive. It wasn't before so why now? If these people are offended they shold not come here. We should not change the law to suit them. Their country would nor do it for us.
AS for Jo Brand saying what is offensive when she has got a mouth like a sewer. She is the same scum as Jonathon Woss.

Daniel said...

'If these people are offended they should not come here'???

Trust someone to bring it down to that level.

What if 'these' people were born here and offended'? Shall we deport them? What if some of 'these' people are white and English - what then? A fine? Jail?

I respect everyone's view on this subject and have no problem if someone's opinion is different to mine.

I do find it sad however, when an issue cannot be debated without 'the get back to your own country' brigade getting involved.


Anonymous said...

Whilst in Australia recently I purchased a beautiful golliwog for my grandson.The shop contained 30-40 different ones and the owner said she could not understand why the english get so hung up about these toys.
My grandson adores his golly - I have a picture of him and golly prominantly displayed.
Perhaps if the BBC stopped constantly promoting racism and inflicting its left wing loony ideas on us all and returned to good broadcasting it would be a much happier world.

Anonymous said...

my two daughters when aged 6-7 years old just loved The Three Golliwogs by Enid Blyton-adorable, fun-filled .accident -prone little cuties from Toy Town. Perhaps the bbc esp. the one show , should lighten up and read it too!

pete the bestba said...

Of course the term golliwog is offensive only a moron would think otherwise.Carol Thatcher knew this when she said it .Thankfully I don't think we will see her back on our screens again in a hurry.Cause for celebration?Oh yes.Lets hope that all other people with similar mentality show there true colours so I can disregard them as swiftly as this odious woman.......And well done Joe Brand for behaving like a decent person