Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My twenty answers to fellow blogger Mars Hill (Paul Burgin).

Paul Burgin (Mars Hill) kindly invited me to answer his "Twenty questions to a fellow blogger" If you are at all interested in why I started blogging, or want to know some personal facts about me, then click HERE to read my twenty answers to a fellow blogger.


ghanimah said...

Quote: Favourite Bond movie?


Moonraker?!! That's surely the worst Bond film ever. Poor Star Wars rip off, the inflatable gondola scene and Jaws falls in love ergh!

Daily Referendum said...

It's true that watched now Moonraker is not that great. But when I first saw it as a ten year old, I thought it was fantastic.

Paul Burgin said...

Same here! Not my own favourite, but viewed fondly as it was one of the first Bond films I remember watching

Daily Referendum said...


battles in space, what more could you want at that age?