Wednesday, 25 February 2009


My Dad had to say goodbye to two of his sons and it almost destroyed him. I can't imagine what David and Samantha are going through, but I will say a little prayer for both them and Ivan tonight.


Anonymous said...

As has been mentioned elsewhere - "Lord" Mandelson has quietly slipped in his Post Office restructuring bill a day early ((
He wouldn't be taking advantage of people's thoughts being elsewhere in order to bury bad news, would he now?

Sean Lynch said...

I've got an uncomfortable feeling that this terrible loss might be the end of David's political career.
He's going to re-evaluate, suddenly arguing the toss with moronic Gordon Brown seems a bit unimportant really.
It is conceivable that David might resign as Conservative leader and that would be a tragedy for the whole country.
Let us hope he can with the support of his family get through this and emerge stronger at the end of a long dark tunnel.