Friday, 6 February 2009

Sarkozy has a go at our dozy (Gordon Brown).

Nicholas Sarkozy Good old Nicholas Sarkozy has had a bit of a go at Gordon Brown's financial prowess (or lack of it). He said:

"Gordon Brown's decision to cut VAT has absolutely not worked. "Cutting VAT by two points doesn't incite people to buy if they are scared about their future. If anything, consumption in Britain has gone down."

And he went on to say France's response would be different from the UK's, because the "English have no industry."

You have to laugh at the spin coming out of No10:
"We saw the news reports last night. They have been in contact. It was not meant as an attack. I will leave it to the Elysée to explain why that is not a criticism.

"We appreciate the context in which the President made those comments, in the context of a domestic French political debate about France's future economic policy."
Not an attack my arse. Just how thick do they think we are? The Telegraph are reporting that Brown and Co are in reality going ape shit.


ghanimah said...

Whilst any criticism of Gordon is always welcome, I'm torn between agreeing with Sarkozy but thinking: 'fuck off you're French'

Man in a Shed said...

Sounds a little like the thoughts of the last jumped up little Frenchman we had to sort out on the "Nation of shopkeepers front".

However, in this case he's not that far wrong.

Pablo the Scot said...

Just because he's French doesn't make him automatically wrong! Of course it pays to check with the French, but it does look as if he is correct this time.