Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tony Blair meets Obama before Gordon Brown - good lad.

From Ben Brogan:
Just watched Tony Blair on Sky speaking to the annual national prayer breakfast in Washington. Quite extraordinary. Striking enough that he is the first world leader (that's what a senior minister described him as to me yesterday - talk about king over the water) to meet with Barack Obama, who is sitting alongside him (and just described him as 'my very good friend'). It's that he's saying things that he was never brave enough to say as Prime Minister, and which Gordon Brown wouldn't utter even if he believed it.

.....watching Mr Blair put on a trademark display of self-deprecation and lip-quivvering guffery was a moment for nostalgia. Say what you like, this guy is good.
You know, I can't stand Labour, but I just can't help liking Tony Blair.

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Anonymous said...

Your not alone! lol

BlairSupporter said...

Blair at his brilliant best.

Made Obama look pretty ordinary, didn't he?

When he finished Obama shook his hand and said "hard act to follow".

Pity Gordon and the rest of that miserable gutless crowd in his back-stabbing party didn't realise that.

A lot of everyday, not-online-type people miss him. More than you might expect, if you read The Guardian and The Mail online.

But I can do better than that. I missed him BEFORE he went!