Sunday, 8 March 2009

Disgusting hate of our soldiers returning to Luton from Iraq.

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This disgusting piece of trash was sent to me by Sue of the Muffled Vociferation blog. It was pushed through her friend's letter box in Luton. Is this really the country we are living in? I don't normally get involved with stories about Muslims as I think there are far too many raving loonies going over the top about them. However, on this occasion I think that something needs to be done. I would like to believe that this leaflet does not represent the vast majority of decent Muslims living in Luton.

UPDATE: Around 20 Islamic protesters hurled abuse at the soldiers as they marched through Luton. Full story HERE


Ted Foan said...

It is very sad to hear of such incidents. These people don't seem to understand that the violence perpetrated against Iraqui civilians have been by other Muslims, many of whom have come to their country financed by Iran and extremists in other Arab countries.

But they won't listen.

subrosa said...

If we had a government of any calibre this would be treason and the people responsible tried in our courts.

Nobody should be able to threaten our troops like this. Nobody.

It's time they were made to listen Ted, in fact past time. If the indigenous population thought more of our military perhaps they wouldn't feel they could get away with it. As it is the average person doesn't give a toss about the British military.

Anonymous said...

The deafening silence from so called 'moderate' muslims on such atrocities as the London bombings surely indicates that there are no'moderate'muslims in this country.

And strange to say this does not suprise me.

Anonymous said...

free speech?

Daily Referendum said...

Anonb@ 0759,

There is a limit.

Daily Referendum said...


Anyone visiting the US will see how they treat their armed forces. And realise what is missing here.

When I visited the US as a foreign serviceman I was treated ten times better than I have ever been treated in my own country. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

No doubt these people are dead wrong (and incidentally, spelling mistakes in leaflets ~ it's Saddam) but free speech is absolute, so long as it does not encourage criminality or shouting of fire in the non-burning building, so they get to say it. Vile though it is.

subrosa said...

Yes Steve I know. The respect shown to our military from the public borders on none really. I understand the Americans and Canadians are most welcoming to our military along with the Europeans. It's only the Brits who don't like the very people who put their lives on the line to protect them.

Nothing will happen about this, nothing at all. Makes me so very very angry. I've just blogged about the killings in N Ireland on Saturday and I didn't realise they're using civilians to defend military barracks now. That's something which I've missed in the past 10 years. Civilians defending soldiers? A dreadful decision and that was shown on Saturday when they just stood by and did nothing. Excuse was it's the first attack they've had to cope with.

In Afghanistan they don't get a practice.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how some Muslims think. Very sad, very tragic. This government is terrified of them.

Anonymous said...

Is this really from, a Muslim or Muslim organisation?

Or is it from a far right organisation to stir up hatred?

The BNP were exposed for doing similar things in the past where I live.

Anonymous said...

the leaflet says the Muslims want to "speak against" what they see as evil. note the word "speak". they are not threatening our troops. they are not breaking the law. freedom of speech, anyone? the right to hold a viewpoint and express it in public? freedom of speech has to apply to everyone, or it isn't freedom. it can't be "limited" to people you agree with! at least the Muslim pamphlet is honest in it's criticism, unlike our lying Government. Jack Straw has suppressed the war cabinet minutes. our soldiers deserve better, they are fighting in an illegal war and were sent abroad by an incompetent, lying governement

Anonymous said...

These people (the moslems) shouldn't be in our country anyway, so I couldn't care less what they think.

Anonymous said...

Why do these jokers not bugger off back to wherever they feel most at home?

Anonymous said...

"I want to believe that this does not represent the vast majority of Muslims in Britain" - & so the state of denial continues.

I remind you all, there is only one Koran (Quran) there is only one Sunnah, there is only one Hadith & there is only one Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

You work out where the so called moderates fit in with the statements above.

As for why they are here - anyone with access to the internet & a reasonable acedemic disposition for looking at history can see that Islamic expansionism into new territory has always taken on the current modus operandi.

This is just the beginning of the trouble for the non Muslims in Britain, & soon enough I am sure we will see vociferous demands for their own territory under their Shariah Law right here on British soil.

We are witnessing the opening salvos of the Balkanisation of Great Britain - just like we have witnessed with the formation of the foundling Islamic Republic of Kosovo.

The liberal left, the Guardianista, the BBC have all placed us in great danger by refusing to see what is before their very eyes - & the joke is that most of them would actually declare themselves anti fascist.


Anonymous said...

Well said Bleak.
Britain is heading for it's own Yugoslavia, it the Islamic template for world domination.
Sounds hystrical? I wish it was.

Anonymous said...

islam is not a race, it's a religion. there is no colour bar, and no country to send them back to. but no immigrant (muslim or otherwise) should be allowed to enter the UK without a work permit, and they should be exempt from all benefits. i don't want to pay through taxes for foreigners' diseases, or for their vast families. the religion of immigrants is beside the point.
NB massereene barracks - there are indeed civilian guards, armed with pistols. unfortunately, the enemy were well-armed and fierce for poorly-armed civilian guards to deal with. cost-cutting has cost lives.

Anonymous said...

Some of your commentators are doing the British public an injustice when you say were are unfeeling towards our armed forces. Where do you think the armed forces are recruited from for God's sake? How many British families in this country HAVEN'T had a member or members serving in the forces either now or in living memory?

As for the nutjobs responsible for the leaflet, shouldn't you be aiming your venom at the people who sent our troops to Iraq? Or is that too difficult a concept for you to grasp? Maybe you should lobby your pal, Lord Ahmed, he of the 10,000 Muslim Rent-a-Jihad. Oh wait, he's in chokey, isn't he.

No sensible person will see this amateurish propaganda as anything but the nasty piece of filth it really is. Only a half wit will take it seriously. But then, that's who it's aimed at, isn't it...

Drastic Plastic said...

If these people are British, as we are told, then this is treason.

If they are not British -- as they behave -- then they need to be stuck on a ship back to wherever they came from.

Bet no action is taken.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those 'looneys' you refer to.

There are no moderate muslims, the term is an oxymoron.

Our soldiers are being killed defending muslims in Afghanistan who turn around and call them 'kuffars'.

All the muslims in the world aren't worth the bones of one English soldier.

Anonymous said...

"09 March 2009 12:21

Stephen Gash

Our soldiers are being killed defending muslims in Afghanistan [...]"

They are doing no such thing. They are supporting the Yanks in their hunt for Osama bin Laden. Along the way, they have become bogged down in a war of attrition against the Taliban, in which they leave their bases, engage in a firefight or two, and return, having neither taken nor lost any ground or advantage. Their "defense" of any Afghani is incidental to the point of accident.

Anonymous said...

The govt wishes to run down the Armed forces, that is why they have paid bloggers putting about the Myth that the public do not care.
Public support

Public support
Public support for The Army and Dannat
More support

The govt wants to seperate the Public from the Armed forces so it will demoralise the troops and so aid in the Destruction of the Armed forces so they can set up their EU Army.
show me where there is widespread dislike of our Armed forces by the Indigenous British People.

Lies all lies, amd now we know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Surely you haven't fallen for the Osama Bin Laden Black ops False Flag operation to steal away our freedoms have you.
They will need a spade

Daily Referendum said...

Anon@ 13:30,

What a complete and utter load of bollocks. I was in the RN for sixteen years you numpty. I have never heard such a complete feed of arse in all my life.

Anonymous said...

On the civilian guards at MOD property - I live in Aldershot, and our local paper this week reported that one of the relatives of those killed in the 1972 Aldershot IRA bombing was refused access to the memorial by a civilian guard recently - luckily an Army dog handler turned up and let him in. See for more.

Whichever Hoon decided to use civilians with no sense of history or propriety to guard our bases needs to be taken to Luton and fed to the mad Jihadists there.

I'm against our adventurism in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but it's sod all to do with the soldiers - it's Blair, Brown, Hoon and all the other traitors that need to be held to account for that.

And on Luton - if you can find a pub still open between the M1 and the town centre, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din. I used to play 'spot the white man' when I had the unfortunate experience of having to work there - what a shithole Luton is.

Anonymous said...

"All the muslims in the world aren't worth the bones of one English soldier."

what if the British soldier IS a muslim?

but i agree, bring our boys home, what the Taliban get up to is none of UKs business. and Iraq was an illegal invasion. the poor soldiers are stuck out there doing their best, it's not their fault.

Anonymous said...

But these soldiers were part of an illegal invasion. How would you describe German soldiers returning from France in World War Two? There is no conscription - nobody has to be in the army, particularly an army that allows itself to be used in illegal invasions.

aproposofwhat said...

Ex - the Nuremberg doctrine (that following orders is not a defence) is abhorrent to most people, except leftie gits who wish to demonise a whole people.

Our brave lads and lasses have been sent into danger by the real criminals - the corrupt and venal bastards of Neues Arbeit, who we need to bring to account as soon as possible.

Lions led by bastards - your attitude is that of a bastard of the worst kind, and you're welcome to come to Aldershot where we'll show you some proper British hospitality (or at least a hospital, if you care to repeat your post in person).

Anonymous said...

like most conservatives, you don't appear to have the 1st clue about islam. Just what are Cameron's tories trying to conserve?
PS in case you havn't noticed 80% of muslims vote NuLab, and as for that lunatic trying to blame the BNP for this .....words fail me!
their goals are clearly written down in their "holy" book, and if you don't have the inititive to read it and find out for yourselves,they post their clear treasonous objectives on you tube whilst sucking up welfare. Listen to Choudray's latest rant, I think you can find it under military coup in the UK, its been posted on various patriotic blogs also.

Pierre said...

My British friends - You are being colonized by an unbending 7th century creed. (Hiding as a religion.) You either deal with it soon or get ready for a bloody civil war in in the not too distant future.

Tommy said...

Well said Pierre, the uneleced british government fear islam and think by appeasing islam everyone will carr on normal jogging, however islam see's it as weakness and will exploit it to further gain. Our soldiers are hero's and should be coming home to a land fit for hero's not the country they are returning too.What have blair and brown done to my country?

AntiCitizenOne said...

Update, BBC hides the identity of Britains metastasising ummah colonists.

kris said...

To the "free speech" weenies, all I have to say is Geert Wilders.

Where oh where was his free speech.

"Oh, there's a line, Kris".

Yep, that line is s4 & 5 of the Public Order Act 9incitement to violence and harassment, alarm or distress respectively.

Why oh why weren't all of these assholes rounded up and arrested under s5?

Where is the Rule of Law?

Stuck up our own collective asses.

Anonymous said...

Talk about pot calling the kettle black - so it is alright for the Muslims to infiltrate our country and blow us up to protect THEIR cause not ours, but when we go to their country to protect their rights and without thinking of our own religious beliefs that is wrong?

We are too soft on foreigners. We would not be allowed to behave like they do in their country.