Monday, 9 March 2009

A register of abusive partners - Can it work?

Officials said the findings of a Government survey into domestic violence “shocked” Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

From The Sun:
They come as she unveils a groundbreaking crusade today to stop violence against women. A register of abusive partners, to be monitored by police, could be set up. This will allow cops to warn women who start dating thugs with a history of violence.
If this register were to hold the names of Men and Women repeatedly convicted of domestic violence then it wouldn't be a bad thing. But it sounds far too open to cock ups and abuse. Is there a register of murderers? or those who have committed ABH or GBH? No, you get convicted, do your time and then you are considered rehabilitated and you get on with your life. But if Jacqui Smith gets her way, those found guilty of domestic violence will pay for it for their entire (and lonely) lives.

The chief executive of Refuge Sandra Horley is not happy with Jacqui. She said:
"We have had enough talking - we need action. "As for the perpetrators' register, it is a gimmick and doesn't address the root problem. "The majority of violent men don't come to the attention of police and it won't keep women safe. "Police can't be expected to monitor relationships and love lives of offenders. [The government] "Is hoping to get away with useless initiatives like this register, and it is hypocritical to sound tough and do little".

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