Sunday, 8 March 2009

Domestic violence - Men are victims too.

Commenting on International Women's Day, Scottish Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon said:
"Sadly, violence is part of too many women's lives across the world. "On this day and throughout the year the Scottish Government is determined to tackle the scourge of violence against women and children."
So when is it International Men's day then? You will no doubt think that domestic violence is on the whole a female problem. If you do, then you are wrong, of all the domestic violence incidents reported, 19 per cent of the victims are male.

And as for the gender pay gap, please give it a rest. For the year 2007 to 2008, the gap between women's median hourly pay and men’s was 12.8 per cent. Not bad when you consider breaks for pregnancy and the fact that many more women (than men) work in the low paid retail sector. Men in general, do not take career breaks and therefore tend to occupy more senior positions than women. If Harriet Harman was to publish figures that showed a wide gap between men and women who occupy the same positions, then I would take her more seriously.

From the National Statistics:
Although median hourly pay provides a useful comparison between the earnings of men and women, it does not necessarily indicate differences in rates of pay for comparable jobs. Pay medians are affected by the different work patterns of men and women, such as the proportions in different occupations and their length of time in jobs.
Enough said?


Harri said...

I can vouch for the DR 10 years worth of being brutalised by my ex-wife ... there was no help back then and not much now , it is far more ' common ' than some think.

Anonymous said...

Harri said...
I can vouch for the DR

Try again , maybe it was just the thought of my ex-wife making me all nervous

I can vouch for that DR.

Thats better.