Sunday, 8 March 2009

Gordon Brown's Trojan rocking horse.

I understand that during his interview on the Andrew Marr show this morning, Peter Mandelson said Gordon Brown "works like a Trojan."

Rumour has it, he plays like one too.
UPDATE: Anoneumouse sent me this:


Bill d'Sarse said...

So Gordon Brown, "Works like a Trojan" does he?

Are you aware that Trojan is a well known brand of condom mainly sold in the USA?

Make of that what you will, but perhaps Mandlebum really meant, "Useful once and when you are f*cked, dispose of quickly."

subrosa said...

Excellent Bill. We don't have Trojan condoms here, no Scotsman has enough oomph.

I see Events Dear Boy watched Marr, brave man. Mandelson has to say that doesn't he: after all Gordon's his bestest pal.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit sad really, works like a Trojan but at a job he can't do.

The tragedy is that we are suffering because of it.